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SalesPlus for SMB

Engage customer like a big
enterprise in 5 days to increase revenue

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Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, SalesPlus comes with best sales practices and rich functionalities that are using by leading enterprises at all size.

Time to Value

Pre-built dashboards, reports, business processes, template and comprehensive set of data fields, you can start using the solution out of the box.

Low Cost

Low upfront cost, pay as you go on annual basis. Office 365 is included in this special offer.


Boost Sales Productivities

01/ Setup guidance for sales best practices

02/ Ensure salesman focus on selling

03/ “Mobile office" – work anytime, anywhere with any device


Increase Sales Revenue

01/ Discover and identify new market segments

02/ Reaching out to potential  customers

03/ Continuous improvement on lead generation process


Improve Customer Satisfaction

01/ Shorten customer waiting time on enquiry

02/ Resolve customer enquiry and complaints quicker



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